About The Products

Rejuvesse MD ® products are designed and tested by prominent dermatologists in the U.S. and Europe. All Rejuvesse MD ® products are manufactured using the most advanced technology and biopeptide contain plant stem cells. Highly efficient results Rejuvesse MD ® series due to the use of natural and safe ingredients of plant origin.

Quintessence is a line dermatological products created based on experience and recommendations of prominent American dermatologists and developed by leading biotechnologists for optimum effect and complete skin care. Thanks to their special formula containing antioxidants, natural extracts and vitamins, all products Quintessence provide you with healthy, rejuvenated, fresh and clean skin.

Venus Roses Labsolutions Ltd. is a biotechnical research, development and production company specialized in all-natural herbal remedies designed to improve our live – everyday, everywhere – across the globe.