Does the Rejuvesse MD® Eyelash Enhancer really work?
Yes it does. And without any hormone or prescription drug ingredient. We have done a complete battery of clinical testing at a well-known independent laboratory. The product works. We have the data to prove it, and after using it for a couple of weeks, you’ll see the results for yourself.
Does Rejuvesse MD® Eyelash Enhancer work on everybody?
Our clinical testing showed that 100% of the test subjects showed a significant increase in length, mass and overall density of the eyelashes. While results may vary, and the product will not work the same on everybody, it will work on everybody.
How soon will I see results with the Rejuvesse MD® Eyelash Enhancer?
You may notice a difference in as little as a week, but in 2-3 weeks the difference should be very noticeable.
What kind of increase can I really expect with the Rejuvesse MD® Eyelash Enhancer?
Our clinical testing showed that overall mass and density of the eyelashes can increase up to 82%. The average increase in four-weeks is 55%.
Is the Rejuvesse MD® Eyelash Enhancer easy to use?
Extremely. Just apply the product once per day the same way you apply eyeliner.
How often do I use it?
You use it once per day. We recommend using it right before bedtime so it will not interfere with your normal eye makeup routine.
Will it burn my eyes?
If you get it in your eyes, it may tingle/sting a little bit, similar to getting a little bit of soap or shampoo in your eyes. However, that feeling will only last a few seconds, and no irritation or side effects were noted in the studies.
How can you be so sure this product is safe?
Extensive safety testing has been done at two different independent labs. Our testing included corneal testing for irritation and vision issues if the product accidently gets in the eyes, and also irritation testing on the skin around the eyes. No irritation or side effects were noted in the studies. As a common sense precaution, if you are suffering form any ocular disorder or have had previous eye surgery do not use this product without consulting first with your physician.
I’ve heard that these type eyelash products can change the color of my eyes, is that true?
This product contains no Hormone or drugs and has been submitted to a battery of safety testing. Neither the testing, nor the consumer reports show any evidence whatsoever of any color change and/or staining of the eyes, eyelids, iris, lashes, etc.

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